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FOUND – 2001 Manhattan LARGE RAGTAIL DOG Named CLARENCE Top Priority — 15 Comments

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    I wrote him again, asked about his wife, and asked that he send the description and age.

  2. Does the dog have a vest and a mustache? Which size is considered the 'small' size? I may have one. Also, are you positive it was the 'manhattan toy' company that made it?

  3. I was hoping there would be a picture soon. I hesitate to contact the person when I am not totally sure that I have the right toy. Has anyone heard from him again?

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    If I would have known it was Clarence, I would have saved one for you. This one has been listed nearly a week now, ends soon.

    ebay Item number: 380169427806

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    It couldn't be helped Tami, so don't feel bad about it. Ian knows about your auction listing.

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    Congrats Ian, sending the dog tomorrow. My son wanted to sell him because it was such a cute dog, and deserved to be loved.

  7. Evidently they were wrong about it being Clyde, but I won't change the post to FOUND until they have it in hand, and they're sure it's the right one.


  8. I have been searching for a 6 -7 in manhattan toy Bunny ( i have a post on this site). During my search I found the dog you are lookiing for .
    It’s on eBay Item #120574332681.
    2001 Manhattan toy 15″ dog puppy bloodhound plush toy. Picture looks exactly the same aas yours and description reads the same. Just in case this is the sellers store info too:Visit store: katrina9799s household variety
    GOOD LUCK!!!!

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