FOUND – 90’s Applause WHITE & PURPLE GLOW in DARK RABBIT? DOG? — 9 Comments

  1. 021010-2
    It is 1992 Applause plush called
    Magic Glow Friends.
    Here is yours
    ebay Item number: 220554280406
    A few others on ebay.
    ebay Item number: 330388332222
    Item number: 290400272943
    Item number: 110480907567

  2. POST CODE #021010-2

    Were you ever successful? Let us know.
    Here is a rabbit version
    ebay #110721088189 make offer

  3. Hi, my name is Vanessa…and I have a Magic Glow rabbit. I got it when I was little,Im 24 years old now and I still have her and she still is my favorite stuffie ever. She still glows,she kinda in good condition…but you gotta understand( I had her for 19 years) so as a kid I didnt really treat her well, but shes still playable. her feet,hands,ears are the worse part…there faded.But like I said before Light Bright,I call her is still my fvorite EVER!!! thats my story…bye

  4. I have had the magic glow friends blue bear since I was a baby and he was my favorite until night time because he glowed which scared me so at bed time he had to go sleep in the living room. I put him away in a box years ago when i was in elementary school and yesterday I found him! my bear’s ears, hands and feet are faded and he doesn’t glow anymore but I still love him. I looked at his tag and read what he’s called and Google it and i never knew that there were more. I want that pink rabbit because pink is my favorite color. I’m 19 now and i don’t plan on ever giving my bear, I seen this website and though I’d share 🙂

  5. I hope you find it because I been looking for the white bear manic glow applause one I had him as a child when I was severely sick as I got older I always had him , my family lost their home and in the process they sold everything they accidentally got rid of him I was sad I’m 25 now and still hope to find him one day, so I can realate, if u come across a website any one please email me!!! That and good luck to all who r looking for their longs lost friend ;). Turkishpimpcess@hotmail.com

  6. I am also looking for an Applause Magic Glow Friends Purple Dog. I lost mine when I was 4 and have been looking for another one ever since. If anyone hears of any that are available, PLEASE let me know! Thank you!!
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