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Searching – Carter’s DOG GONE CUTE TAN DOG with BROWN EYE PATCH & SPOT — 23 Comments

  1. RE: POST CODE #15661

    Is this the same dog? eBay 290372821123 I hope so….

    Good luck,


  2. POST CODE #15661
    If anyone is looking for the musical version of this dog?
    ebay # 160559057220 musical

  3. POST CODE #15661,
    Dog on ebay!
    ebay #280806351323 8 hours to go. Sorry for the short notice.

    ebay #250967945858 with tag buy now option

  4. POST CODE #15661
    Here is another variation of the dog.
    ebay #290670904678 Carter’s Dog Gone Cute White Brown Blue Collar Plush Puppy

  5. I am in search of the Carter’s Dog Gone Cute Weiner Dog with the blue collar that was in stores about 7 years ago. My son has slept with it since he was a few months old and it has gone almost everywhere with him. He has recently lost it and I am hoping to track a new one down. I found one on Ebay for $90 but really can’t afford to pay that much, any other ideas where to look?

    Ebay #290670904​678

  6. POST CODE #15661
    ebay #150803833069 Carters Baby Tan & Light Brown Puppy Dog Spots stuffed plush DOG GONE CUTE toy
    ebay #250967945858
    Carter’s Dog Gone Cute Brown Plush Puppy Dog Stuffed Animal Tan Collar w tag
    ebay #160719911834
    VHTF CARTER’S DOG GONE CUTE Stuffed Plush Brown Wiener Puppy Dog Dachshund

  7. Musical tan version with the tail that “wags” when wound up.

    Ebay item number 160809352417

  8. Thanks, Aimee. I’m not sure if anyone had asked for that version, but I sent it to the mailing list just in case.

  9. POST CODE #15661

    ebay #140769620625 Lot of toys do not know if musical or regular version.

  10. Oh say, I was curious if Melissa had found the dog yet, because I found one on ebay:

    Post Code #15661

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