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Searching – 80’s BAH KOO with ELEPHANT SNOUT, COW EARS, LION TAIL and BOOK — 23 Comments

  1. Hi Marley, These are on Ebay – but no photos. Under DETAILS they say – Series – Plush Toy and Book but I’d clarify this with the seller/sellers.


    Best of Luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am possibly missing something but the numbers you gave are all Fed_Ex tracking numbers that show no info .. I have alsoo been checking Ebay but there have been no listings unless I am searching for the wrong thing

  3. Sorry, I found these when I GOOGLED BAH KOO seems they were expired listings – even though they didn’t come up as expired and was able to put them into my watchlist! I did contact the seller but haven’t heard back and they have no other listings on Ebay so I’m afraid we have hit a dead end. I’m still on the case though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Have to just let you know – that is sooooo well done Brieanna!!! It has been very elusive. Hope they get it. Kind regards Brenda.

  5. Im Sry to infom everyone but bah koo is not made anymore and this paticular print of the book is also not in print i contacted the toystore that use to produce them and they shut the production of it down about 7 year or more ago i have found some on ebay and Amazon those r u ur best bests best of luck hope you all get one.

  6. Thank you for caring enough to share this, Winona. Our Fabulous Finders have been successful in locating a few, but you’re right – it’s very hard to find.

  7. I still have one new in the box if anyone is interested. Probably gonna list it on eBay shortly.

  8. I have the book still that I bought for my children in 1987. I was cleaning out the garage several years ago and inadvertently picked up the wrong bag of stuffed animals and took them to a shelter in Van Nuys, California. It had our most treasured stuffed animals including Bah Koo. I tried calling the shelter but they told me they didn’t have it and would have given their “leftovers” to Salvation Army. I have been trying to find it ever since. I’d love two, (one for each of my kids) but not to be greedy, I’d take one if that’s all I can find. If anyone knows of one or two for sale, please contact me. Thanks!

  9. I have a “like new” Bah Koo plush toy and book bought in 1986/87 that my son never used. Planning on putting it on eBay shortly as I am decluttering the closets!

  10. Hi Beth,
    I’m very interested in your Bah Koo and would love to find out when you list it on ebay or hear from you if you’re interested in selling it without listing it. You can email me directly at afleur@sbcglobal.net.

    Thanks! Shelley

  11. My son has now listed Bah Koo and book on eBay: 170886988611

    The plush Bah Koo is copyright 1987, the book is copyright 1986. Was a gift to my older son for Christmas 1988.

  12. I have been looking for Bah Koo for years. I lost mine in a fire when I was a kid. It was a really big part of my childhood. If someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  13. Hello, I am desperate to find a Bah Koo for my soon to be born niece. My sister loved Bah koo as a child and I know it would mean so much to her if we could find the plush toy. I got her the book already, it’s just so hard to find the stuffed animal. Willing to pay!! Any help would be great!! Thank you! ~Kirstin 01453

  14. Kirstin – they are very hard to find and very pricey – I just wondered if you’d like to try ‘Susan’s Sew-nique’. You can find the link on the right-hand side of this page under REPLICAS REPAIRS HANDMADE. If you contact her she may be able to make you a lovely brand new Replica for your new baby niece to go with the book? If anyone gets one made by Susan we would love to see the photo’s.

    POST CODE #15969

  15. I received a Bah Koo when I was born – I am now 27, and even though everyone makes fun of me, I still sleep with him every night and take him on vacation.

    I want to purchase one for my nephew. BahKoo i so hard to find!! Help anyone??

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    Post Code #15969

  16. It’s sad to see this is outdated, but I’m so glad someone else has seen him! I was never able to find the book/plush of my childhood because I’d been searching it by the real term “baku” and not by this odd phonetic version. I hope the person posting this at least found him! I wish I’d never given him up when I was a child!

    I just bought the book used on Amazon. New is apparently considered your childhood worth $40+. And forget the doll!
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  17. Good news for anyone looking for Bahkoo. The plush and book have been re-issued by the author. They aren’t originals but they are fantastic and my kids (31 and 28) were so happy to have bahkoo again. They are as exact as they can be and they work to ward off nightmares as well. Website below:

    Post Code #15969

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