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Searching – Kellytoy YELLOW FLOPPY Lying Down COW with PURPLE HORNS, NOSTRILS, BOW, FEET — 16 Comments

  1. I seem to remember seeing this toy recently at marshal’s or tj maxx. Do you have one in your area to check?

  2. Oh, thank you!!! Everyone I know is going to her local Stein Mart and TJ Maxx and Marshall’s!!! I will let you know the result!!!

  3. Wow, that’s our Cow-Cow’s sister!
    We’ve been looking for a replacement for our daughter’s best friend, just in case. She’s almost identical – white and pink, with yellow horns, and stitched dots for nostrils rather than the sewn on type.
    She was given to use around 12/06.

    Good luck on your search, and please post here if you are successful.

  4. POST CODE #16085

    I know you do not mention hearts on the cow but it looks so similar.

    Might want to peek if you are still looking,
    Ebay 400209076346 2 available Animal alley.

    Best of luck.

  5. Carrie,
    That looks very similar, although the stitching is slightly different (notice the eyes are puckered in). Also, for $5 one wonders if this is a smaller toy.

  6. POST CODE #16085,
    I would imagine she would answer clarifying questions if you wanted to inquire.

  7. HI! Thank you so much for all of your help, yes yes, I am still looking. I have been unable to reply via cell phone and my laptop was on the mend. I replied via cell phone, but it never went…argh. Carrie, I am going to go check right now. Thank you again!

    She still asks about that cow, and when we go out of town, she says things like, “I wonder if that is where we can find cow?” It rips a mom apart, that’s for sure.


  8. So, I followed that link, (it says giraffe, so I wasn’t sure if that was it), but the image is no longer there on that one… weird, eh?


  9. POST CODE #16085
    That is very weird as it was their earlier this morning. Looked again after reading Dana’s comment. Might want to email her or keep checking.

  10. POST CODE #16085

    Worth looking at but may be a newer version as description on ebay says 2008.
    ebay #310384295012 Kellybaby Yellow/Lavender COW 11″ Lovey Plush MWT Kellytoy 2008

  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That is SO CLOSE to our little cow. It does reinforce the Kellybaby brand. I have actually seen the one I am looking for in a past catalog of Kellybaby. they still make the lion that is similar, but I can’t get anyone at Kellytoy to call me back. Thank you SO MUCH for keeping me in your searching memories!!

  12. Yep. That’s Cow-Cow’s cousin. Heather, I think it’s identical to yours sans the colour and flower. You should jump on it while you can. Just tell your daughter it’s his sister or something.

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