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Searching – 80’s Applause Knickerbocker THE CORPORATION of BLACK WHITE PENGUINS with YELLOW BEAKS — 18 Comments

  1. when you say honkable, does it make sound?
    Maybe Russ Berrie instead. Look at this 1979 Russ Berrie Luv Pets Penguin
    Ebay Item number: 140437798686

  2. no it doesn’t make any noise, just the shape of the nose makes you want to “honk” it

  3. compared to the Russ Berrie penguin the one I’m looking for has a wider nose and feet, the nose is wider than it is long, the color is the same for the nose and feet. also the penguin I’m looking for has no neck or writing on the belly, and it’s wings are short and stubby and black on top and white on bottom.

  4. Hi Kevin here’s two ebay lsitings…not sure if they are right but i thought i’d post them anyway



    Just keep checking ebay, you could also try etsy and look under “vintage” instead of handmade

    it’s also worth (when searching) taking out the “applause” part and just using “stuffed” or “penguin plush” as people may not have it listed under applause.

    good luck!

  5. thanks for the links, the first one is close, the shape of the body and wings are right but the beak and feet aren’t and there is a white field around the eyes.

  6. Hi all
    Well my dad went and did a search to try to find the penguins and saw this site and my post and put 2 and 2 together. So my surprise is shot. They had a picture of our penguins and I’m posting it. The Chewie Newgett penguins are close but not quite the same. I was able to confirm the penguins they lost were made by applause and my mom bought the first one in 1982. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far.

  7. I found the right penguin and have one to give my parents for christmas. the picture above is correct so is the info, now I have the tag information too. The penguins are called “The Corporation” made by Applause copyrighted in 1981. it has “item # 8313” as well as “A division of knockerbocker Toy co. inc”. I’m still interested in collectiong more.

  8. I have this exact penguin. new with tags. for sale if you are interested
    Post Code #17006

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