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Searching – 70’s Mattel NAPPER TAN Talking DOG I’m Lonely, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff — 15 Comments

  1. Hello.

    I saw that you were interested in finding a “NAPPER TALKING DOG”. If you are still interested, I am selling
    one on ebay that is in excellent condition and still talks!!

    Hope it’s what you were looking for 🙂



  2. Good luck with your auction, Jackie, and thanks for letting us know about it. I’m sorry it took me so long to notify the mailing list, but they know about it now.

  3. I too am looking for Napper. It is amazing how dear, and comforting this little dog was to so many! My daughter is 30, and still misses him. Mattel is missing an opportunity – They should bring him back. I have been looking for three years. with no luck. Can’t even find something similar. I made the mistake of discarding him because the voice mechanism wore out. I don’t think she has ever completely forgiven me. I would really like to replace him. Her little girl is 3 yrs old, and it would be so perfect.
    Judy Murphy

  4. If you have a Napper Dog that you are willing to sell- please send me an email. This was my favorite childhood toy, and would like to give my son one. It needs to be in good working condition. Thanks! laceygirl9696@msn.com

  5. POST CODE #17178

    This one is still on ebay probably due budget issues but still works per description.

    ebay #120798424684

  6. Hello,
    I have a Napper listed on ebay right now if any of you are still looking. In the listing there is a link to YouTube with a video of Napper talking~
    EBay Listing #261035756906

    Lori 🙂

  7. I loved my napper dog (for over 30 years) and a few years ago sadly I lost him … I would love to get a new one I don’t really care what condition hes in the sound box doesn’t have to work though it would be nice if it did please contact me if you have one for sale alaska_amber@yahoo.com

  8. Ebay Item number:330909321202 $175 – I thought that was expensive – but then … Item number:110781950685 $499! Best of luck. 🙂

    POST CODE #17178

  9. Five on ebay at the moment.
    ebay #171079715883
    ebay #281143554334
    ebay #231021037759
    ebay #321172170940
    ebay #110781950685
    Post Code #17178

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