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FOUND – Carter’s Just One Year CREAM HORSE with PINK POLKA DOT SADDLE — 21 Comments

  1. Thanks, Chesa. You were caught in my SPAM filter, but that shouldn’t happen again now that I’ve approved your comment. You’ll notice I edited your listing link. It’s better to just use the item number, since it can be searched longer on eBay that way, even after the sale is finished. It’s just more helpful to buyers and a lot simpler.

    I have passed your information along to our mailing list, and again, thank you so much for taking the time to let us know.

  2. I have this horse was hopeing that my daughter would take to it and she never did. It is like new. I know how importand a childs 1st friend is. We could never find our oldest bear bear and always feared the day that we would lose him. Let me know what you are willing to pay. He is sitting in our playroom not doing anything and it would be much happier makeing a little girl happy.

  3. POST CODE #17343

    First couple are under $30.00 but not by much.
    Some sellers run sales which would bring others under $30.00. Don’t forget to try horse and pony both when looking. Best of luck to all!
    ebay #330624772096
    ebay #150627656102
    ebay # 170677111723
    ebay # 360332731942 2 available
    ebay # 230685782665 2 available
    ebay # 260854418041
    ebay # 230671115059
    ebay # 220866979451
    ebay # 350433587279
    ebay # 130442196426 new without tags
    ebay # 230573365197 new with tags
    ebay # 270825747449 new with tags

  4. POST CODE #17343,

    These three are $25 or under with shipping. Lots more out there just higher in price.
    ebay # 160741269123
    ebay # 180828494009
    ebay # 110834634728

  5. I am also looking for one of these little horses for my daughter. A new one or one that has not been used. She has loved hers for a little over two and a half years and it is about time for a new one. We can not afford to pay $50 or more that the sellers on ebay are asking.

  6. POST CODE #17343
    Underr $25
    ebay #110863345851
    ebay #170777761538
    ebay #160741269123

    Under $40
    ebay #290660380709
    ebay #300659536268
    ebay #400284251859 new 29.99 + shipping

    Lots of others available but higher in price.

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