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Searching – 70’s Fisher Price CHOLLY BLUE Gingham Boy DOLL — 22 Comments

  1. and for the lolly version, ebay 400207923073, 220765781505, 270732121547 and 270732136292

  2. I have the cholly boy version of this doll~the one in the picture. He is in very good condition and his fisher price tag is bright and not faded. Please let me know if there is anyone still looking. I will be listing him to our ebay store soon unless someone on here needs him.



  3. this cholly is in like new condition~his tush tag is crisp and bright and he is not faded out in any way. I was actually shocked to see he was dated 1977 as he looks newer than that! I dont’ have your email address so I dont’ know how to contact you directly.

  4. I sent them your email address, but I do not give out the mailing list email addresses, so they should be contacting you shortly. A couple of them have already written,as they didn’t realize I’d given them your address.

  5. hi all does anyone have a cholly to sell? looking to buy onefor my nephew my brother had so many of these when he was a kid i hope i can find one for his new baby please get back to me anyone would like to sell one

  6. Cholly was our son’s favorite for years. He and his wife are having twin boys. Their first children and our first grandchildren. We would love to get 2 new in boxes. Please let us know.

  7. POST CODE #18228,

    Blue cholly
    ebay #120899121964 with box bid item
    ebay #290702278106
    ebay #350559555037
    ebay #160657561147 set of pink and blue

    pink lolly
    ebay #280867022170
    ebay #370605680104
    ebay #180861261833
    ebay #380425954256
    ebay #360416714375
    ebay #160784545619
    ebay #270958575281

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