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Searching – 90’s Tomy Toys White & Brown? Black? Barking Dog Scamps Head Moved — 15 Comments

  1. I am clueless. I posted over at the Ghost of the Doll forum. Maybe someone over there knows the name of the toy.


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  2. Was it a Fluppy by Kenner?
    ebay Item number: 230595594997
    Item number: 150547851396

    did it look like a pound puppy? they had some interactive dogs too

  3. Thank you for your reply! It was not Fluppy ๐Ÿ™ This dog was made out of typical “stuff animal” fur…. the kind that feels soft for a while and then gets all ratted up and you couldn’t run a brush through it. I appreciate all the help that you guys are giving me. If it helps any, the dog was rather flat, by this I mean he didn’t have very much stuffing because he went on the box. His body had no shape really. I found something while searching that matches pretty close to what he looked like. I’ll have to find it again and post it. The toy I am looking for is NOT the toy in the picture but it looks similar. Thanks so much! – Jocelyn

  4. This is the toy that looks like the toy I am searching for. The actual dog looks so similar to the one I had. The handle of my toy was blue and the one in this picture is red. The toy on the website is way more advanced than my toy. However they are both “push along” toys. Mine however you attached his paws onto the box attached to the handle and his head had a place that it slid onto a post on the box. After this you pushed him and his head went up and down and he barked…which was more like a squeak that came from the box. I hope this jogs someone’s memory!


  5. I remembre something like that in the 80s, and think in Italy was sold by Gig, but can’t remember how it was called…

  6. I have been looking, too! My sister lost hers on a trip and cried for days. She has really wanted it ever since. Same time frame, same box, only she had a red handle, and her dog was a dalmation. I, too, thought they were very popular and have been searching for about 5 years now to find it to no avail. Someone help???

  7. I still have my original Scamps (Call him Scampi)I have had him for 23 years now, I have been searching to buy another, but can not seem to find one anywhere. Anyone found a place to buy them yet? ๐Ÿ™‚
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  8. I have not – I am expecting my first child any day now so I have been looking but no such luck!
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  9. Hiya. Im currently cuddling my brown and white scamps nows. 19 years on from recieving him. Im not sure where u can buy them from but I have come across your post as I was looking for a replacment nose for mine but no luck yet. Feel free to email me x
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  10. I have a brown/white scamps with a blue lead, boxed and in vgc, he works really well. Can anyone advise me WHAT it’s worth? Box is in fairly good condition for age.
    Ive looked on eBay none there, I’m trying to find prices to see if it’s worth selling or keeping it.
    If someone would be able to advise me I’d be greatful.
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