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Searching – GUND Jellybean Pink Rabbit TOP PRIORITY — 10 Comments

  1. check these bunnies on ebay to see if might be Jellybean

    Item number: 190347602132
    Item number: 170676173877

  2. Chantal writes:

    Hello – boy that first bunny looks pretty close but I don’t think its jellybean….I think jelly bean had slightly larger ears according to the photo.
    The bear is definitely the one and I emailed but haven’t yet heard back – it would be so great to find them both!
    Thanks for your continuing help!

  3. I found this bear 260747346866

    This bunny 170421147899
    And this bunny 220171635432

    Hope it helps!

  4. I have the bear, from when I was a child, and WILL be sending it to Chantal in the next week or so. Hopefully she will be able to find the rabbit so she can get both her children’s “lovies” back.
    I’m happy to send him to their loving home and know he will be loved.

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