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  1. Dear mom and child, I’m sending you my very best wishes and strength in your search! As I’m looking for my son’s lost teddy I will remember to keep my eyes wide open to find Ted. Sincerely hope we will reunite our boys with their bears

    Will let you know.
    lots of hugs to your son,
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  2. On ebay uk; Just not sure about the eyebrows but otherwise pretty right. I hope they will post to US especially for you. ๐Ÿ™‚
    eBay item number:390910996682
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  3. Hi there Claire, I’m sure you’ve tried to find it everywhere, but just in case: ebay.uk is where I purchased exactly this bear a few years ago. My son, also 11 by now, lost his when he was 3 years old. Heartbreaking as you have also experienced. We live in the Netherlands and got it as a present from English friends and there was no way I could buy a new one since it wasn’t in stores in England anymore. After a 3 year search I found one on ebay.uk It was a nerve wrecking auction but we won. I really really hope that you will be able to find one and that your son Kris will be allright in the future!
    All the best, Margot.
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  4. Hi Claire & Margot, that’s a wonderfull surprise! I’d like some tips on how to search on ebay, pls! Still looking for a soft teddy
    that looks much like Ted, but not exactly. Given at birth by a Dutch friend Margot(!) I named the teddy ‘Margo’ My child, now 9 lost it 4y ago and is still very sad about it. Cann’t publish the photo here, not a Top Priority, but would you pls contact me on mira.amani@gmail.com by voorbaat dank!!
    Kris + Claire lots of love, Mira + Amani
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  5. Thank you so much for your comments. We have been very successful and found Ted! I also advertised on Facebook in the hope that the power of social network would help. I received a message from a lady called Veronica who had contacted Mothercare on my behalf to help track Ted down. Mothercare tried everything but couldn’t help as it was produced so long ago. I almost gave up hope until I received another message from Veronica. She asked for my address as she had found an identical bear. It turned out that she lived 15 minutes away from me so she came over that day. It really was a magical moment. She knocked on the door and asked for Kris. She was holding a childs lunch box. She told Kris that it had been found at Gatwick airport and she was asked to return it to him as she lived close by. Inside the lunch box Kris found Ted, a secret agent book, a bag of sweets and a note. The note said that Ted had been on a secret mission but was now ready to return home. Kris sobbed his heart out as he couldn’t believe he had Ted back. As you can imagine it certainly reduced myself and Veronica to tears! I have no idea where she found the bear and I can never thank her enough for going to all the trouble she did to help Kris…..there truely are some amazing people in this world ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx
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  6. What a story! Fab end; may you all Claire, Kris & Ted live long, healthy & happy together!!

    xxx Mira, Amani
    (btw, his Margo teddy is still somewhere out there on her own mission…)
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  7. Hi Claire
    Glad you found Ted in the end.My 10 yr old son also has this bear, also called Ted- and he has literally loved him to bits, along with his 5 yr old brother. I came upon this site looking for a Ted for my 5 yr old to protect my 10 yr old’s Ted from being torn apart again.I’m now going to give Ted a fur transplant and restore him to how he used to look, as in your photo.Poor Ted is looking a bit threadbare and no longer has a nose or mouth.He still has his distinctive eyebrows though.Hope your son is enjoying having Ted back and best wishes to you both.x
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