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Searching – Manhattan SUE the DUCK BLUE & YELLOW BLANKIE — 6 Comments

  1. Hi,

    We have a brand new Sue the Duck that we would be willing to send out to you. Our son, who is also seven, has two of them and also has had them since he was a baby. When he was two years old we realized that we needed to get some back ups and scoured the net for them. After an exhaustive search, we found two more. We gave him a second when he temporarily “lost” one many years ago. He is getting older now and we could part with this new one that we have been keeping int he back of the closet.

    Please contact us so that we can arrange something.



  2. Sorry, post code is 20070. As I noted in the previous comment, we have a brand new, mint condition sue the duck.

    Contact us.


  3. We are desperately looking for the Manhattan “Sue” the duck for our 6 year old daughter. We are keeping our fingers crossed that there are still extras available. Thank you!!

  4. Don’t know what my Post Code would be??? But I’m looking for another Sue the Duck — our daughter has gone through 3 of them & couldn’t bear to be without! Her third one is beginning to disintegrate & I’m hoping to find her next replacement !!

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