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    Is this the doll you are looking for? Kids Gifts and Eden are the same company.

    Ebay item# 250944088328

  2. It is very similar to that doll you posted Kelly except it is all pink (no white hands) and the bow around the neck is a bit smaller.

  3. I have this exact doll. It is not in the best shape… is has a little stain on it. But you can have it for free. I will mail it to you if you send me the address.

    Just to double check.. does the bonnet have pink gingham fabric on the back. (Pink and white checkered material.)

  4. Thank you everyone, I have just found and purchased my doll from the ebay link Judy sent. I appreciate all of your help!

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    I was given one of these dolls when I was born and my dad bought me 2 more when I was older trying to convince me to trade the worn one for a new one. I never did. So I have 3 of them and always wondered what they were, since mine have no tags. I always thought it would be great to be able to get them for my kids someday since I loved mine so much. Sad to learn it’s not possible. Anyways thanks for sharing! You’re the only reason I was able to find out what I had!

  6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me find one too!!! I’ve been looking for one for weeks! I’m 17, and I am very attached to my ‘Annie’ but she has such a big hole in her leg and she is looking rather worse for wear. I’d do anything to find another, as a ‘back-up’ for if/when my Annie finally becomes too worn out! ๐Ÿ™ many thanks!! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  7. #21018 Pink Eden Doll

    I recently acquired this doll as well if anyone else is looking for her.


  8. My name is Charlene, I also had a doll like this she was given to me by my parents. She was my security I had her everywhere I went and couldnt sleep without her. When I lost my first doll, luckily they had a backup. She had a bad accident with my dog and was by my side when I was hospitalized twice. I found it comforting to sleep with her on my face, sadly she was put out of comision by the age of 21. I am 24 now and I am curious to find a doll much similar to this one. They both had butt tags that said eden, was made out of terry cloth and the back of her head was checkered pink and white. If anyone knows where I can find this doll it would be greatly appreciated.
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  9. I wrote above comment about two years ago and unfortunately I wasn’t in a position to keep up to date with the comments, as I got very ill. Now, after recovery, I have once again began my search for a new ‘Annie’. Please help me if you can. She is a pink sleeper, all pink with the white and pink gingham bonnet and small white satin bow. Please help me get an Annie!
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  10. I too am looking for this doll for my girlfriend who lost it on an aeroplane. If anybody knows where I can find it or has one, please do get in touch.
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  11. I’m desperately looking for this doll! My doll, Snuggle, has unfortunately not stood the test of time well and I still sleep with her. I’d love to give her a break and find her twin! PLEASE let me know if anyone has one available.
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  12. I also wrote my comment about 2 years ago and I’m still searching for “my baby” the last time I saw one for sale was on ebay. And I told the lady my story and asked her to hold it for me. I was so happy I was in tears telling my Boyfriend “I found my baby” then the next day when I got paid and was ready to buy her I was dissapointed to find that the lady had sold it from under me without even giving me any type of reply. I cried all day that day cuz I had hope “my baby” was gonna come home. I really truly hope not just me but the rest of you will find her soon cuz from reading all these comments I know she means something to somebody.
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