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Searching – 1995 Manhattan Toy Co. TOPPER Tiger — 8 Comments

  1. POST CODE ##110712-01

    ebay #221233117063 May be the bigger one listing does not say. Worth looking.

  2. we have one of the Wee!! Bears bought for our Dog but when we saw this page Rex did not get him I am in Scotland
    Post Code #24379

  3. That is so ironic that u are in love this the same stuffed animal I am! Ive had him 17yrs. Gift from my god mother at 8yrs old. He was stolen recently n spent 2 months outside in a field n was returned to me. I fell apart inside without him. Plan to pass him down to my son one day. I am looking for another one for my child as well.
    Post Code #24379

  4. I have another one of these if you are still looking!!! It was to small then the one I wanted
    Post Code #24379

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