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1987 Manhattan Toy Brown Dog I’m looking for a 13 inch 1987 Manhattan Toy brown dog.

I was given her the day I was born, and she stuck by my side every minute of every day. When I was eight, I left her on a train that was going to Paddington Station in London, as I was visiting my Grandmother. When I got to my Grandmother’s, I’d realized Wally was missing. I was convinced my Grandmother stole it for months!

My father went to Paddington Station’s lost property department every week to check whether she’d been handed in. My mother asked for a photo of Wally so that she could put it in the papers (obviously not true, but she said it to give me hope that they really were doing everything they possibly could). My parents searched and searched and didn’t have any luck until my 18th birthday. Just before I was about to go travelling abroad I was given Wally! My parents had found it online (not the actual one as the original was falling apart due to all the Sunday lunches I tried to feed her). Anyway, I was re-united with my Wally and it was such a treat.

I am now 25 years old, and my father passed away two months ago. Last week, Wally fell out of my bag somewhere on the streets in London. I feel like a bit of a Wally myself, because I’m a 25 year old searching desperately for her teddy. But I can’t begin to describe how emotional I am right now, and to find Wally would be the most uplifting news ever!

Please please can everyone look out for her. I spent 4 hours searching online and have had no luck!

Many Thanks,


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  1. Oh my god yes! Thank you so much! I have emailed the seller and committed to buy but they can’t approve it yet until they have told me what the postage is. I should know in a couple of days!

    Thank you so much!

  2. POST CODE #24989,
    Did you get your dog yet? Here is one on ebay with worldwide shipping reasonably priced.

    ebay #171020779137

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