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I’m looking for a 70’s cloth (not fuzzy) firmly stuffed beige or brown dog. It’s maybe a foot long, was firmly stuffed, and wasn’t either sitting or lying down. It was standing straight up, almost like a human would. I just found out from my grandmother that it was bought at a Woolworth’s. I’m fairly certain it had floppy, black ears too and a rather short snout on its face. It may have had a button as a nose or eyes. I believe it came from either Akron, Ohio (USA) or a nearby town.

The Animal Fair Henry dog is close, but sadly not the same dog. The stitching on my Mother’s went horizontally along the midsection, just above the legs, if this helps any.

My mother got this doll when she was fairly young, sometime mid-late 1970’s. She eventually was given a second one, and she used to play with them all the time. She’s told me countless stories about the things she’d take them to, and told me and my sister that one day she would give us each one, and wanted us to give them to our children when the time came.

Several years ago, there was a fire and these dolls were destroyed. My mother was heartbroken about it for quite some time, but recently we were rummaging through the basement and stumbled across the burnt remains of one of them. I showed it to her, and she burst out in tears.

Even though new ones wouldn’t truly replace the two she lost, I feel it would bring us a bit closer and finally give her a little piece of childhood back that she lost.


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