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FOUND – Walmart Commonwealth FLOPPY GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG Top Priority — 10 Comments

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    This is the closest I have found, when looking of the feet of the dog.
    ebay Item number: 160226084836
    Also have a look at the douglas german shepherd dogs.
    Good luck

  2. Dear Tami:
    I checked out your comment and this looks just like my daughter’s “Greta”. I purchased it from e-bay and will let you know if it’s the right one. I don’t know how you found it, but I am very grateful. Is there anyway my daughter could send you a letter. She very much wants to. Thanks so much, Traci

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    You can email me at cityfarmerdaughter at yahoo dot com
    I am just so glad I could help.
    Let us know if it is the right one.

  4. Kelli: You don’t know how much it meant to read your story. It does sound like we are looking for the same dog. I thought I found one but after receiving it through the mail, discovered it was not the same. I am still looking and will let you know if I find out anything. Good luck and hope to hear back from you.

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    It’s definetely Commonwealth brand, produced in 2001. eBay# 160300406447. Feel free to grab pictures or any info you need.

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    Ah, I’m so sorry I haven’t said anything sooner.
    There was a horrendous family tragedy only three and a half weeks ago, so it’s been hard.

    But, on a happier note-
    Anastasia, I owe it all to you. I checked your link and cried when I saw the pictures. That was my puppy, all right. I ran straight in and told my father to get a hold of my brother(the only one with an eBay account) and told him that if he would get this one thing for me, it would be the most important thing he could ever do.
    …Needless to say, that worked.
    Unfortunately, my brother is a very busy man, and he was not able to come up until said family tragedy, but boy was I glad to see him- and the cream(yes, cream) and black thing he threw at me.
    So I have my puppy, brand new(a few small rough patches, but I don’t care) and he will be throughly washed, as often as possible.

    I want to thank you, all of you, for helping me. Even the company never did; but you guys really tried everything and did your best… and I got rewarded for the time and effort you spent.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you(I can’t say this enough, I assure you).

    (whoa long comment is long, sorry. I always do that…)

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