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FOUND – Carter’s VALENTINES Blonde DOLL — 10 Comments

  1. are you postive this doll was carters? I have not seen any legs like this on a carters doll. The hair is simmilar to a carters starter doll… but the rest is so different.



  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!!! Found, Found, Found !!!! This is the only way I know how to reply to the comments. Thank you very much. I was able to pick it up on E-Bay and only $15, it does not get better then that. Thank you for your help. -Brian

  3. You used the comment just fine Brian. I will change the post to FOUND. Congratulations!!!


  4. 110208-2
    Glad I could help Brian. I think that same seller has another. Wouldn’t hurt to have a spare.
    Item number: 130270283989 ebay

  5. Hi Everyone,

    Just an FYI – Carter’s will be running this doll again for Valentine’s day 2009 so please look for it in stores soon!

  6. I am now looking for this same doll! My 18 month old has this doll and cannot go ANYWHERE without it! She starts preschool soon and we need to have a spare – one for home and one for school. Can anyone direct me to where I can find this doll?? I can no longer find it on eBay. Please help!

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