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FOUND – Carter’s MY BEST FRIEND Thermal Blue & Green “RABBIT” DOG — 6 Comments

  1. 120808-2
    ebay 350133696665

    If that is not it, might try looking up “my best friend” under baby toys. They have some floppy eared dogs that look the same.

  2. That bunny is VERY similar to my son’s and I have it marked to watch while I continue searching! If I can’t find an exact replica that one will definitely be worth trying.

    Thanks so much!!!

  3. BW, please tell me what is different about this rabbit compared to your sons, so I can help you search.

  4. Tami, I just bought that bunny you referred me to on Ebay.

    I showed my son the picture of his ‘bunny’ and the puppy that Rosemary suggested it really was (which I think it is, too, now that I’ve spent hours looking at Carter’s thermal bunnies, puppies and bears) and he absolutely insisted he wanted the new bunny on Ebay and became quite incensed (hilariously so) when I suggested Mr. Bunny was really a puppy.

    So thank you all very much for your help! I think our bunny search is at an end and he’s probably going to keep both and eventually Mr. Bunny will fall apart. Hopefully the new bunny will be just as well-loved by then.

    This is a GREAT site!

  5. 120808-2

    Glad he found one he liked. Here is a match to one in the picture.
    Ebay Item number: 130257285127

  6. here is a link to one on ebay item number 200258247375 and for only 9.95 not to bad for peace of mind lol

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