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    From the picture, your tag looks like Animal Alley brand, is this correct? Target & Toys R Us sells this brand, but possible that they donated the overstock to Family Dollar and such.

  2. I thought that, too, Anastasia. But Family Dollar is not an overstock or thrift store. Perhaps they are wrong about it being from Family Dollar. I’ll write them.


  3. 012409-1 I agree with Anastasia. Here is a purple one that is Animal Alley and similiar. What do you think?
    ebay Item number: 350156040123

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    Looks like the same plush pattern and design to me. I bet that’s the one, tami. Let’s see if Melodi thinks so too.

  5. Anastasia,
    The one in the picture is Animal Alley, but the original was not. This is just a picture of the closest thing I could find that looked like our lost lovie.
    Thanks for your help!

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    Are the eyes stitched on or black plastic? Is the under belly same material as the rest of the body? Plush is solid pastel blue or tie-dye? Thanks for the clarification.

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    what color is the nose? the ears? Is the dog all the same color except a darker blue around tail? Does it have a rattle or make any noise? Did it come with a collar or ribbon? Are the ears the same length as the one pictured? Was it floppy with beans in it or fabric?

  8. I apologize, Anastasia and Tami, that I didn’t notice that the photo was of one similar to the lost dog, rather than being a photo of the one she needed.


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    I’m not sure about Family Dollar but I know that Dollar General in Midwest region carries Goffa and KellyToy. Given that, could this Goffa dog in the middle be the one you’re looking for? eBay# 320300293669.

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    I know it has been a long time and am not certain if this is the dog but it does appear to match you description. There are dark patches around the ears as well. Price is right! Please let us know. Even if not correct maybe the picture will be a closer match and thus help the search.

    ebay #350566456929 Goffa Blue puppy dog plush stuffed animal

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