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Searching – Best Made Toys Cuddle Zone FLOPPY FURRY WHITE DOG with BROWN SPLOTCHES — 13 Comments

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    Cuddle zone is often a target brand.
    Ebay 330270049100
    Do you think this is same dog?

  2. 020109-1
    ((In reguards to Ebay number 330270049100))

    Oh my gosh! I think that’s him! I haven’t seen him so new in a very very long time! Thank you so much! Although we have found him, I will almost definately end up getting this one for a back up, god forbid this ever happen again. Thank you so much again!

    And In reguards to the Annonymous comment, ebay number 110336905909, This was one of the ones that I found last night while looking for a replacement. Thanks anyways though!

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    ๐Ÿ™ Unfortunately someone bought the puppy. If you could find another one just like this I would jump right on that. ๐Ÿ™

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    I contacted someone a few weeks ago letting them know that we got the puppy and that we no longer needed to find one. Well unfortunately the sale fell through, and I sill need a “just incase” puppy. So if you could find another one for me that would be AMAZING!

  5. I'm looking for this same "doggie". Did anyone find it recently? My daughter loves her "spot" and we need a back up.

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    Unfortunatly i didnt. I had someone on ebay find one for me once but by the time i got to it, it was gone. I havent been able to find one anywhere since. We found my daughter's origional, someone actually found it in the grocery store it was lost in, since then i've still been looking for a back up but have been unsuccessful. I hope the best for you in your search.

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    I am still looking for a replacement "puppy." My daughter has pulled the stuffing out of hers for the last time, he's pretty much dead, and I would loooove to get the exact same one, however I have still been unsuccessful in my searches to find one. IF ANYONE sees one of these, PLEASE PLEASE contact me.

  8. That is him! Thank you so much Tami! I am trying to talk the seller down on the price, she has it listed as $35.00 right now. I have managed to buy another (different but similar looking) "puppy" and my daughter hasn't seemed to realize that it's not the same one. Thankfully. So if the previous lady was still looking for another "spot" and can't find one, please let her know that this one is available. If she needs it more than I, she is more than welcome to it. Since I have thankfully replaced the one that she had. Thank you so much for all your caring and dilagance in finding this "puppy" for me. This is a wonderful thing you guys have going here, and I know you have created so many good memories in my family. Much appriciated.
    <3 Heather

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    The anonymous commenter never did contact us, so I have no way of letting them know about your generous offer to back off from purchasing this one Heather.

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