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  1. 030509-5
    was the body soft or hard. Did the doll have teeth that showed. could she stand. Any idea the year. 50s 60s? How did you make the crier work? thanks for the info. what color was her eyes?

  2. I’ve added some of what you asked to the post Tami. I’ll get Leah to reply.


  3. 030509-5 The body was soft. When you moved the doll around or laid her down, she would cry. I think she was made in the 1950s. No, she did not have any teeth showing or not showing. Her eyes were blue.

  4. 030509-5
    could it be baby big eyes?
    ebay Item number: 270350461609
    closest I’ve found so far

  5. I saw that one, too, on the DaffyDilly site, but the one Leah is looking for has eyes that go side to side, as well as opening and closing. And it makes a crying sound when you put it down. I am guessing that her doll is older than that.


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