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DISCONTINUED – 70’s Knickerbocker SNOOPY Plays MELODY? — 6 Comments

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    Thanks for the link, that is the exact same snoopy that I have. Unfortunately the owner of that snoopy does not know which melody it is either.

  2. POST CODE #041809-2 The melody is from a song called “Sing,” originally by The Carpenters, and covered by various cast of Sesame Street. Hope this helps!

  3. The part of the song that is played on your music-box has the following lyrics:

    Sing, Sing a Song
    Make it Happy to last a whole life long.
    Don’t worry that it’s not good enough
    for Anyone else to hear
    Just Sing, Sing a song

    It’s a great song and very catchy. There are more verses to it as well.

  4. Post code # 041809-2 Not sure if you're still searching for an answer. I had a snoopy just like that and he played "how much is that doggy in the window"

  5. POST CODE #041809-2

    Although song name not in the description this appears to be the dog. Maybe the seller knows?

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