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    Tami, I think you’re on the right track. English is not Marvin’s first language, so I’ll be the go between on this one. This was his answer to my question – Is this the right game?

    Dear Rosemary

    I can´t find this game.

    We always played in family.

    This game have a tray (bandeja) with holes with values numerical, the toy is plastic and win for more points.

    Personality I have 54 years and I have two daugthers y I am divorced and you?

    I want find this game, I have a lot of wish of find.

    Good Night.


  2. 041809-4 Did this game have an english name? what was the name of the game as stated in his language.

  3. Rosemary

    I think that name is “BOWLING PARK”, is a plastic toy with plastic tray (table) with holes.



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    Not sure its the one but time frame and game concept are there. Similar?

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