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Searching – 80’s AMTOY Baby Soft Touch Pink or Yellow Terry Doll — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Carrie, This story is almost identical to mine. My daughter will be 33 in May 2014 and just had her first daughter Dec 2013. I’m looking for the yellow doll .So let me know what you find.I did find on ebay looking it up as amtoy yellow terrycloth my first baby doll, I found a pink one used 129.99 Good luck on your search. Jan
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  2. I missed the update somehow so I missed out on the pink one. I may just have to buy the blue but I may have to hold out for pink or yellow.
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  3. I am looking for some of these dolls I would like to get them for my little girls. Mine was pink and named rosie.i just want my girls to have something that will mean a lot to them but last longer than a year like the toys made these days
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  4. I have a blue one with blonde hair, her name is Lisa, (i named her that) and my 10 yr old and 6 year old has *borrowed* Lisa, I’ve had her 34 years! And shes just made her first run in the washer machine today,my 6 year old sharpied her back ๐Ÿ™ *she never smelled* for as long as I could remember to this day shes always smelled like baby powder. lol I LOVE HER! yes i am 34 and still sleep with her near ๐Ÿ˜› Does anyone know how to get sharpie off of Lisa? I am using SHOUT on her at the moment.
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  5. Hi my name is Rebecca and I have a 1980 yellow soft touch Amtoy doll but she has a painted face not stitched she is a little dirty and some of the paint is off of the eyes but no tears and has her hair yellow yarn . I am looking to sell her .
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